The company PIK Ltd. has gained certification of uniqueness!


TÜV SÜD Czech, a leader in the fields of inspection, certification, testing and training in the Czech Republic lent our company Certificate of exceptionality.

The certificate gives the uniqueness of TÜV SÜD Czech Czech companies across all sectors of industry and the conditions for obtaining the successful completion of multiple screening services, processes or products. Award recipients must be in possession of more certification documents which guarantees that strives to continuously improve its production and access to customers, employees or the environment.

PIK Ltd. from 13 5 2014 among the companies awarded this certificate.

The certificate holder uniqueness as TNT Innight Czech Republic sro, DS Smith Packaging Czech Republic sro, ŠKODA JS as, CZ as, Panasonic Automotive Systems Czech, sro, NAVARA Novosedly, as Casta as, STAMONOT - building sro, pref TRADE , as and more.