About us

The PIK s. r. o. Company was formed 30 June 1992, which was the day of its registration in The Companies House. The company is represented by its managing director. PIK s. r. o. carries out engineering and consulting activities from design documentation of the whole range of constructions to deliveries and assembling technological equipments, including heavy current distribution, light current and instrumentation.


PIK s. r. o. has carried out 2000 orders up to now; see the survey stated in the reference section. Our company has rich experience with investment units of 10-350 million Kc estimated prices on a construction, which gives the frame to our designing and realizing possibilities. Our technical conditions are based on direct cooperation with producers of the main technological components.


Our experience in the assembly field follows from 22-year existence of our firm, great number of orders, and long-time experiences of most of PIK s. r. o. employees in the fields of preliminaries, assembling and service of filling equipments. Construction activities essential for completing our orders are assured either through our customers assistance or through our sub-contractors. In this case we organize competitive bidding from the firms that can meet all our requirements with regard completing the whole work.